Why VRF Systems Could Be Your Next Indoor Comfort Solution

Heating and air condition unitVariable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems now roughly make up 6 to 8 percent of all HVAC systems in America. It’s become the go-to HVAC technology for many buildings since its invention in 1982. The sophisticated system is suitable for most facilities of any size, type, and in any location.

But VRF isn’t just for commercial use; a single-phase VRF heat recovery system works for homes, splitting the space into comfort zones that heat and cool areas at the same time — without wasting energy.

Dilling Heating & Cooling, a provider of HVAC installation, repairs, and premium tune-ups, knows consumers look for air conditioners that bring the best comfort. And VRF systems is likely to meet that demand.

Comfort by Design

But what is this VRF system? The HVAC technology uses refrigerant, which is the only coolant material in the system. A single outdoor unit conditions the refrigerant and circulates it within your home using several indoor units.

It also features inverter compressors that allow consumption of power with partial heating or cooling loads. The compressors further allow consistency in the temperature all through the day. Moreover, VRF systems are ideal for modular expansion, so if you intend to remodel your home to meet your growing family’s needs, this sophisticated system could work.

The Cost of Comfort

With higher efficiency, better flexibility, and easier zoning, and space-saving, you’ll find all these in VRF systems. But it will cost more than traditional HVAC systems. The upside is that your initial cost could pay off in the long run because of efficiency. The system also saves you from labor cost.

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Through VRF systems, you can expect to save at least 20-30 percent in energy costs. VRF systems offer energy efficiency because air no longer needs to go through ductwork. No ductwork, no invasive construction during installation. Conditioned refrigerant simply moves to the spaces where you need it to go.

With technology advancing HVAC systems, you can ensure comfort without the big cost in the future.