Utah’s Tallest: The Most Spectacular Tallest Buildings in Salt Lake City

Tallest Buildings in Salt Lake CityWhile it has a lot of natural wonders, Utah won’t be left behind when it comes to skyscrapers. In fact, Salt Lake City alone has a lot of it. Here’s a list of the tallest ones.

1. Wells Fargo Center (129 m)

A postmodern structure that is also known as the American Stores Center, Wells Fargo has an amazing curtain wall façade and jagged corner offices that are remarkably different from most offices around the world. Of course, for spaces such as this, AeroliteGroup explains that meth testing in Salt Lake City is important – just to be sure that it’s safe. A helicopter pad is available on top – at a height of 4,961 feet above sea level.

2. LDS Office Building (128 m)

LDS is known as the main office area of the Mormon Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But, more than that, it has quite an impressive 26th-floor indoor observation deck. By being there, you’d get to see Salt Lake – and possibly even the rest of Utah – in all its glory.

3. Promontory on South Temple (114 m)

Another postmodern structure, the Promontory South Temple is situated right where The Inn at Temple Square used to be. It’s one of the most serene places around, which only adds to its beauty.

4. Key Bank Tower (107 m)

Also known as the Beneficial Life Building, the Key Bank tower boasts of contemporary furnishings and lots of office spaces. It also acts as a commercial building – which allows it to play a pivotal role in Utah’s financial development. Without it, a huge part of Salt Lake’s financial center would not be around.

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5. One Utah Center (107 m)

Designed by famed architect Niels E. Valentiner, One Utah Center is made out of granite and used over 4,000 tons of steel just for it to be completed.

These skyscrapers surely are proof that the tallest buildings aren’t in crowded spaces in America alone. Salt Lake City has a few of them, too.