Uses of Carrara Marbles in Your House

Carrara Marble used on a counter topKnown for its gray or white color with visible blue or gray veins, Carrara marble has remained prominent in architecture and arts for centuries. You can have your marbles honed to give them a smooth matte finish, or have them polished for an extra shiny gloss, depending on the use.

Read on to learn how you can use Carrara marbles in your home.

Kitchen countertops

The elegant, warm, and stylish nature of Carrara marbles makes them work well with most kitchen designs. The bright color of the marble complements the dark cabinetry and the lighting in the kitchen. In addition, the cool nature of the marble makes it ideal for cooling ingredients and foods in the kitchen.

Marble flooring

Due to their cool nature, Carrara marbles are popular in areas with warm climates. This is because the marbles help keep the home’s interior temperatures at manageable levels. Additionally, Carrara marbles are versatile because you place rugs on them during the colder months to prevent extreme cold temperatures in the house. Polishing is highly discouraged to prevent scratching and maintain the beauty and life of your marbles.

Marble Bathrooms

Use Carrara marble showers to achieve a state-of-the-art look for your bathroom in Ogden. Sand & Swirl, Inc. explains that you may choose among different designs and colors for the walls, floors, and fixtures. To create a dramatic effect, match the veining patterns from the ceiling to the walls. Do not throw the remaining smaller pieces of your slab; instead, use them to fit the windowsills and similar areas in the bathroom.

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Due to their popularity, it is easy to find the right size, shape, and finish of Carrara marbles to suit your needs. In addition, they are more affordable than other marbles, such as Venatino and Callacato. Buy only from a reliable dealer to ensure the quality of the marbles you will use to beautify your home.