Technology, Home Offices & Work-Life Balance: Benefits of Telecommuting

Woman working from home
Telecommuting is no longer just a growing trend; it is here to stay. Thanks to the power of the Internet, many people realise the benefits of setting up their work at home.

Benefits of the work-from-home setup

Being able to work from just about anywhere there’s an Internet connection frees up a lot of people from the drudgery of traffic, saving time and fuel, and avoiding the stress that generally affects productivity and even safety.

Companies are also acknowledging this, as more businesses now are allowing their employees to work from home. Studies have discovered that employees who are allowed at least several days in a week to work away from the office are more reliable, as opposed to what business owners used to fear, that employees who were not supervised in an office environment would be less productive.

Businesses can also save more money when they allow their employees to work from home. Some are now resorting to freelancers so they can save on regular salaries, insurance and other benefits for in-office workers.

Setting up a home office

Whether you’re a freelancer/independent contractor, a start-up entrepreneur or someone working for a company that allows telecommuting, it pays to have a place at home where you can work in peace. If you live alone, that should be no problem, but you can still benefit from a properly designated work area, as it can motivate you to keep a regular work routine, preventing you from procrastinating or overworking yourself.

A good idea is to build a home office shed. This setup is ideal because the separation from the house gives you an easier time separating work from home life. If you have a family, your office can also help them adjust to your schedule. Be sure to hire a professional to build your new home office to save time and to be sure it’s exactly what you need.

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Working from home or even at a café is a development brought about by technology. As it is one of those innovations strengthened by the digital age, you should try it for your comfort and convenience. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab that work-life balance you’ve always wanted.