No Dull Kitchen Moments: Ways You’re Ruining Your Knives

New Kitchen Knives SetKnives are wonderful kitchen tools, so it is important that you use them properly. There are plenty of things you should never do with your precious knives. This is especially true if you want to keep then shiny and razor-sharp for as long as possible.

Stores offering chef’s choice of knife sharpeners in Australia share a few ways you are ruining your cutting tools.

Washing and Storing Mistakes

Putting your knife in the dishwasher is one way to damage the blades. The high-pressure water may cause it to bang against the rack and dull its blades. It is always best to wash your knives by hand. It is also advisable to dry it with a towel immediately after washing. Storing the knife wet may encourage microscopic scratches, especially when it clashes with other things.

Using it on Glass or Stone Boards

While a marble or a glass cutting board looks classy and sophisticated, they can damage your blades. You may not know it, but the clink noise that your tool makes when it touches the board is actually the sound of your knife crying out in pain or torture. If you intend to keep your knife’s blade sharp, better use a wood cutting board.

Keeping up with a Dull Blade

A dull blade requires more force to cut through the food. More brute force means that there is a higher chance of slippage or cutting yourself. Knives can get dull over time, so it is best to get it professionally sharpened or learn how to sharpen the blades using a knife sharpener. Sharp cutting tools are easier to use, promoting functionality and safety.

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Scraping Up Food with Knives

It may be your habit to scrape up sliced down food using your knife when you’re finished chopping. The sad part is, the edge of a knife is only strong when used up and down; the edge can bend easily when pressed side by side. This is why scraping the food with your knife (perpendicular to the board) will throw its blade out of alignment. If you need to pick up the food, use the backside of the knife or hold it parallel to the board.

Keep these things in mind to stop ruining your knives. Use, wash, store and maintain them properly to keep them longer and avoid dull moments in the kitchen.