Moving Up Down Under: Why Brisbane is Attracting More Residents

Live in BrisbaneAustralia has been an attractive place to live in. Between the culture-bound love for coffee to the different flavours that each state embodies, there is a lot to love about the land down under.

There is now a growing appeal for Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, one of the largest states in Australia — and it’s more than just the climate and sights that tide people over.

Ideal place to raise kids

Queensland, in general, has been seen as the best place to raise kids in Australia. It’s no wonder why families are flocking to this particular state in Australia. According to Couriermail, Brisbane is still high in the rank from the survey care of Suncorp Bank Family Friendly Index.

The report adds that Queensland has lower crime rates and less crowded schools, giving it the ideal suburb appeal that has always been the traditional atmosphere for raising children. This is especially true for young families, which may not necessarily thrive in the hustle and bustle of Sydney and may not yet require the university-level and hip culture vibe offered by Melbourne.

Getting 3-bedroom apartments in Brisbane is easy enough, as the atmosphere in Brisbane is family-friendly. Not to mention the fact that several apartments are situated in very appealing locations in and around the city centre.

Lower costs of housing

For young families, a place to live is always one of the biggest issues to tackle. After all, it’s not just about having a place to live, but rather a place to build a family.

Brisbane offers this solace, as it has more affordable properties compared to city-hubs like Sydney. Even 3-bedroom apartments in Brisbane can already be a good nest for starting families, Domain reported. Combine this with a warmer weather, more relaxed lifestyle, and accessible beaches throughout the Gold Coast, you have yourself an affordable all-around family friendly and activity-filled place to live.

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Quiet environment well-loved by expats

For expats and foreigners looking to move to Australia, Brisbane is fast becoming a favourite residential place. According to BBC, what appeals to many of these expats is the laidback atmosphere that the Brisbane offers.

With trains that can take you to capital favourites like Fortitude Valley, Chinatown and even Gold Coast in a matter of minutes, Brisbane appeals to those who want a laidback residential suburb that within travel distance from the beach.

Brisbane is becoming one of the precious gems of Australia. It’s currently seeing a boom in the population, offering the best of both worlds: a laidback suburb perfect for the family and some nice beach and hip culture within reach.