Maybe It’s Not Yet Time To Replace Your Furnace: Check for These Signs

Furnace Replacement

When you should replace your heating system is one tough question homeowners in Utah ask a lot. Some even opt for repairing nonfunctional parts over calling in furnace services for a complete overhaul, especially because replacing the entire furnace is very expensive. You may not like the idea, too, but what if it is time you got a new furnace?

What should you look for to know whether it is time you replaced your furnace? You may ask. Start here:

What is the ratio of repair costs to replacement costs?

A general rule as to whether it is time to replace your furnace is if the repair costs are more than a third of the replacement cost or if your furnace is past three-quarters of its life expectancy. You can know the life expectancy of your furnace by checking the manufacturer’s label. With regular maintenance, a quality heating system should last between 15 to 20 years.

Inspect the furnace ducts

There is more to your heating system than is physically visible. The heat conducting tubes that deliver heat from room to room could be the cause of your furnace inefficiency. The truth is you could be losing almost a third of your heated air to the basement, attic or crawlspace and you can minimize the heat loss by reinsulating your ducts.

You may also hire a contractor to apply a heat and fire resistant sealant to seal any gaps and cracks in the conducting pipes, to buy you a time before you replace the whole heating system.

Know the Math

A modern furnace is about 80% energy efficient, but you can get one with as high as 98.5 % AFUE rating. It is important to do your math when you get a quotation for furnace replacement to determine whether it is worth your investment. notes that you may find an energy efficient furnace whose upfront cost, though high, will cut your utility bills by half for the next ten years.

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Before replacing your furnace at your home or office, consider the signs above carefully to determine whether your heating system still has useful life left, recommend furnace service providers in Utah. Also, ensure you inspect your furnace early enough before the cold season begins.