How to Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe at Home

safe house for elderlyParents of senior age tend to stay, sometimes stubbornly, at home. With such domestic inclinations, you may think that your parents will be safer at home, aging gracefully on, yet unfortunately, accidents can still happen. Hazards in the home abound unless you take action to protect your elderly parents.

You can take note of what you can do from the precautionary practices below

Seniors at Risk of Falling

Falls commonly plague seniors at home. As such, you may feel worried about your parents falling and hurting themselves. You may think that you or someone else has to watch over them constantly. You can rest easy, however, if you prevent falls caused by external factors from being possible altogether.

Prevent Falls Around the House

To prevent falls then, you can simply clean up in the house. Get rid of any litter or clutter, and you can move furniture around to facilitate smoother mobility. During the day, you can make sure enough light illuminates the home.

You can make sure of the same during the evening as well, should your parents want something in the middle of the night.

Prevent Falls in the Bathroom

Aside from the practices above, you can focus on the bathrooms, which are the most hazardous places for seniors. You can avoid any slips or falls, however, by installing some tools or equipment.

Walk-in handicapped tubs you can buy from firms such as, for example, eliminate the slippery hazards of ordinary bathtubs. Non-slip mats on the bathroom floor can also prevent slip-ups.

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You can even add a raised toilet seat to help your parents when the lower and raise themselves up from the toilet.

Prevent Falls in the Kitchen

Aside from the bathrooms, the kitchen counts as another hazardous place for seniors. You can make the area safer, however, by placing non-slip mats, keeping the area clean of solid or liquid spills, and illuminating the space. You can even replace plates and other ceramics with unbreakable counterparts.

With your parents in their old age, their care falls to you now. It is your turn to take care of them, and you can do so with the practices above.