How to Design Calming Living Spaces in Your Home

Kitchen and living room of homeMost Americans spend 90% of their time at home indoors, but according to recent research findings, more people are now turning to Mother Nature to find balance. Studies have shown that greens reduce stress, improve mood, and keep away depression.

How should this impact the way that you design your home? Use your available space to connect with nature more. Here are some home and garden features you might want to include in your lovely abode.

Bring the indoors outdoors

Being in touch with nature more often means blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors by using large glass windows or dividers that only partially block your view of the next space. Laser cut screens from Sydney are great tools to accomplish this effect because the technology allows for customisation.

You can decide how visually separated your indoor and outdoor spaces are. You can choose to entertain guests or have meals within your garden without being completely isolated from your kitchen.

Add a water feature

If there is one thing more therapeutic than foliage, that would be water. The sound of water trickling from a silent-motored fountain alone is believed to have a soothing effect. Having water in sight through a small pond, pool or fountain can do wonders for the well-being.

Try forest bathing

Forest bathing was developed in Japan in the 1980s. Called shinrin-yoku, it does not actually involve any water. Rather, the term means a mindful, meditative stroll in the forest. With enough space, you can bring this experience into your home by filling up your grounds with trees and shrubs.

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Instead of being impeccably landscaped, this design mimics a real forest, covered, thick and almost carelessly laid out. This environment will help clear your mind, focus more on the present, lower your blood pressure, and stabilise hormones.

You deserve to come home to a place that is not only secure and comfortable but also rejuvenating. Turn to nature for that added boost in your day.