How Far Should The Pool Be From The House?

Distance Between the House and Pool in BrisbaneAnyone building a dream home needs to give serious thought to a swimming pool for the ideal water therapy. Water is good for muscles and joints, and that is the reason you feel so relaxed whenever you spend some time in the water. However, things are not so relaxing unless you get it right when choosing the spot for your facility. Some homeowners like to have the pool some distance from the house, which is not entirely a bad thing especially if you want to warm up en-route to the place. Nevertheless, there are benefits of having the pool nearby too.

Think Safety

The pool may be the ideal place for enjoyment and fun, but it also presents high drowning risk, especially for children. Having the pool nearby is probably the best way to keep an eye on happenings. Equally important is the fact that it makes it faster for you to reach the scene in case of an accident. However, you can build the pool farther from the home and still maintain an acceptable level of safety.

Consider Privacy

For many people, privacy during a swim is crucial. While a fence around the pool can add this feature, it is not similar to the excellent blockage offered by the home. Probably, planting shrubs and trees around the pool may enhance privacy, but this calls for extra maintenance work.

Remember about Convenience

How accessible do you want the pool to be? This factor may not be clear during design. However, it starts to make sense immediately you start using the pool. Having the pool close by makes it easier to entertain guests, have a quick dip into the water and maintain the facility.

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Aesthetics Also Matter

A modern home needs a matching landscape. While conventional designs may have considered the recreational factor alone, modern swimming pools builders, such as Brisbane Pools & Landscapes, have to think about the scenery. This will definitely affect the proximity of the pool to the house.

Having the pool close to the house has many positives, which are mostly linked to maintenance, safety, and privacy. Installing the facility farther from your home may also add some benefits. For the best choice, you need the advice of swimming pool builders in Brisbane. Work with them to ensure the resultant design matches as closely as possible to your preferred product.