Household Rain Barrels Become Legal in Colorado

Rain BarrelsNo more wasted rainwater in Colorado. Citizens can now use household rain barrels after the state implemented a new law on August 3 that makes them legal to use these containers, The Denver Post reported.

State Rep. Jessie Danielson, a Democrat from Wheat Ridge, said the new law would make it possible for residents to buy a rain barrel for their own use. This could also help the community save on water resources, she added.

Following the law, residents can store up to 110 gallons of rainwater in one or more barrels, which they could use for watering plants and cleaning their yards.

Maximizing Resources

If you want to maximize the efficiency of collecting rainwater, check your gutter’s structure. A flexible gutter system at your home could be connected to your rain barrel, which could make the task easier and more effective.

Gutter Helmet noted that homeowners should consider installing gutter guards to ward off foreign and unwanted materials, such as leaves and other debris. These are as important as installing downspout extensions for your rain barrels. Of course, choose one that will help in collecting rainwater.

Gutter Maintenance

By installing gutter covers and other preventive equipment, the thought of cleaning gutters can be less burdensome — if not, more fun. Regular maintenance of gutters, depending on their structure, would help save costs and labor.

Homeowners should maintain their gutters, especially during spring and fall. If you live in an area with trees and foliage, this makes more sense since leaves tend to clog gutters if left unchecked. Good thing, gutter guards can reduce the need for frequent maintenance due to such instance. Through them, homeowners could only maintain gutter covers every one to three years, instead of every four to six months.

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With rain barrels and gutter guards working hand-in-hand, homeowners save not only their bills but also the environment with less usage of water.