Home Pool Safety Tips

 Home PoolHaving your pool at home is a great advantage. Slip on your bathing suit, walk to your backyard, and dive in. And it is gratifying during the hot summer months, and it is a great way to keep cool and lower your electricity bills.

If you are planning to get one, talk to pool contractors in Salt Lake City, such as Dolphin Pools & Spas, and get the pool of your dreams.

If you already have one and you have small children at home, here are some home pool safety tips to keep in mind.

Install protective barriers

This is especially true if you have active toddlers in your household. There are types of pool fences you can choose from that come with self-closing or self-latching gates. This prevents your kids – or anyone – from accidentally slipping into the pool. This gives parents better peace of mind.

But even if you do not have small kids at home, it is advisable to get pool fences for additional safety, especially for seniors.

Enforce strict pool rules

One of the best things about having your pool at home is that you can do anything you want – well, almost. If you do not have a pool deep enough, you cannot dive. But if you do, you need to enforce strict pool rules for your family and guests, especially small children.

This could be as simple as no swimming without a companion, staying away from the pool when there are lighting and rain, and no diving in shallow areas.

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Make sure there is a home-buddy lifeguard

If you have a pool at home with deep ends, someone in your household needs to be able to swim. Otherwise, there is really no pool having a pool meant for diving. An adult should always accompany small children.

Even if children know they should stay at the shallow end of the pool, never leave them unattended even for just a short while. Whoever is accompanying the kids in the pool automatically becomes the home-buddy lifeguard.

These tips can help you make your pools at home a safe place for you and your entire family, and even your guests. Remember, just because it is a private pool does not mean there should not be rules to comply with.