Home Design: 4 Ways to Use Your Own Personal Style

Luxurious home interiorAre you finally having your own house built and are looking for a way to design it? Do you want it to be unique and showcase your style and personality? Scenario Architecture believes that the architecture of your home should be designed to reflect who you are.

Though some prefer to buy a pre-built and designed home, there are still those who love to inject their own taste in designing their humble abode. If you’re one of the latter, these tips will help you create, test, and improve your home designs.

1. Get an anchor piece.

An anchor piece is something that you choose to build your design around. If you see that vintage turquoise pouf sitting alone in the thrift shop, buy it and build your home design around it.

You’ll be able to picture and create a whole new living space from that one piece of furniture by complementing colors and other furniture that will either contrast or complement it.

2. Research online.

There’s a lot of information on the internet about the different ways you could incorporate different home designs. Just key in the type of look you’re trying to achieve and see how many ways you can play with that design and what you actually have in mind.

3. Make your own design board.

Get a cork board, some pushpins and different cut-outs from design magazines of furniture, lighting structures, or window treatments that you found attractive. Here you could simulate the design of a room through a simple game of mix and match.

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4. Design by corner.

Once you have the design you want, try it out on one corner of your house. Just choose a small space where you can try out furniture and lighting, and if you like it, you can expand to the rest of the house.

Bohemian chic, industrial, Victorian, or country — no matter what type of design you prefer, there’ll always be a way for you to incorporate your own colors and textures in your home. Let your creativity run wild and design a home that’ll be your favorite hangout.