Guide to Choosing the Ideal Type of Foam for Mattresses

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Foam mattresses are among the most popular products among homeowners these days. They account for over 40% of mattress sales. This might be because of their pressure and temperature sensitivity, resilience, comfort, and open-celled construction.

They also offer exceptional natural spinal alignment support and reduced allergen sensitivity. You’ll come across various types of foam when shopping for a mattress in Salt Lake City. Here is a guide to choosing the ideal foam for your mattresses at home:

Memory Foam

This is the conventional foam used in mattresses. It is polyurethane with various additives, making it dense and elastic. Though memory foam mattresses in the past were known for their heat retention, this has been addressed by newer technology that incorporates an open-cell structure, allowing for heat dissipation. Memory foam mattresses also reduce motion transfer, making them ideal for couples.

Latex Foam

This is plant-based foam from the rubber tree sap. It is an eco-friendly option and some brands have organic certification. A latex foam mattress is more durable than the memory foam mattress but has less motion transfer reduction and conformity than the latter.

Gel Foam

This is the latest entrant in the foam mattress market. It has excellent motion transfer reduction, is anti-microbial, and is the best among foam mattresses in terms of support. This makes it the ideal choice for buyers with medium or severe pains resulting from poor sleeping posture.

Gel foam mattresses also last for a longer time compared to other options. They are, however, quite dense because of the gel infusion and is, therefore, not the best choice for people looking for high levels of comfort.

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You should be diligent when buying a mattress since there are many imitations available, which do not offer the benefits of foam mattresses. Always deal with a trustworthy supplier to ensure that you get an authentic product. The supplier should also offer other mattress types to give you the chance to compare all options.