Gas Fireplace 101: Types to Choose From

Woman sitting beside a gas fireplaceFireplaces have been around ever since people knew the existence of fire. They might have looked different before, but their function is pretty much the same. To keep people and the surrounding warm for a period of tie using natural heat.

However, over the years, with the invention of heaters, fireplaces have become extinct. Now, most people rely on the convenience of a heater to warm the place, and people commonly use fireplaces for decorative purposes. However, this does not mean their function is defunct.

As more and more people go for gas fireplaces installations in their Salt Lake City homes, it would be wise to know a little background about them, as well as why it is a common choice for homeowners.

Aside from the fact that it is convenient to run by fuel, is relatively safer than traditional wood, and is effective in keeping you warm, gas fireplaces also come in various types that can add to your home’s aesthetic mood.


Insert gas fireplaces go where there is an existing fireplace. Insert fireplaces have metal housings with glass front. It is topped with realistic looking logs with moving fire to complete the illusion and the ambiance.


Built-in units are also made of metal boxes and a glass front. However, unlike inserts, an existing fireplace is not needed. Instead, you would need an exterior wall opening to provide installation and circulation.


Home with limited spaces can still enjoy having their own fireplace, minus the need to occupy spaces. You can install a freestanding gas fireplace practically anywhere in your room, especially on the corners. It can also double as a home décor.

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Now that you know the different types, you can warm and liven up your home with a gas fireplace what works for you.