For Grannies No More: Rise in Granny Flat Popularity

Granny Flat for RentEarlier in the year, granny flats surged in popularity, but not for the reasons you may typically think. You may know about granny flats as small housing for ageing family members in the same lot as a typical house. The recent popularity of granny flats, however, can be attributed to their increasing use as private rentals.

More Granny Flat Rentals

Data from a rental website shows how much granny flats became a real estate trend. Granny flat searches rose by 84 per cent in the final quarter of 2016. National granny flat listings, on the other hand, climbed by 16 per cent.

In Perth alone, listings rose a surprising 56 per cent. These surges, one expert chimed in, seemed to be driven by rising real estate prices and need for affordable housing.

Know Your Purpose

Now, you may now be thinking to have a granny flat yourself. You can purchase a kit home granny flat from one housing company in Australia. Before you buy, however, you first have to finalise what you will use the granny flat for. You can use it as a man cave or femme den, as separate lodging for a relative, elderly or not, or a backyard getaway.

Get Approval

You can quickly acquire council approval for a granny if you live in NSW, WA, NT, ACT, or TAS. In these states, approval takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks. You may have to wait up until a year for approval in other states, unfortunately.

Design and Rent

As you look for a granny flat design, you can first check what specifications your local council allows. Once you have a design, you can purchase the flat and place it on your property. You can target students, single individuals, or even couples if you’ll use the flat for rentals. Based on the national weekly average rent, you can make about $283.

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You can discuss further with a housing company offering options for a kit home granny flat. They can help you acquire the perfect granny flat for your needs.