Fire Door Essentials to Keep Your Home a Safer Place

Interior Fire DoorFire-rated doors installed improperly and left neglected may endanger lives. This is the reason it’s important to choose a door that can resist smoke and flames for a certain period while in a controlled setting.

A common domestic fire-rated door has to pass stringent tests to be considered sufficiently useful. There are different product ratings for interior fire doors.

Why are doors that resist fire necessary?

When a door has fire rating, it means it has the capacity to keep the heat, the smoke, and the flames on one side. Ideally, people who live in the building are on the other side where they are safe and have the time and means to escape the burning building. Fire doors slow down the spread of flames allowing occupants of the building to reach safe areas out of doors. A good fire door can resist fire for a long time.

Fire rated doors create a barrier that protects people on the other side. Essentially, this is how fire doors protects lives and helps the fire brigade save as many as they can. A fire-rated doorway is only effective if it can suppress the spread of a fire, and this is only possible with a perfect fit and good maintenance.

How fire-rated doors figure in home design and structure?

To ensure your family’s safety during fire, then think of fire-rated doors as a necessity. The truth is, they are compulsory, although designers often have trouble trying to fit them into the chosen aesthetic. Fortunately, modern doors that can protect your family from raging flames are not as cumbersome, and go well with contemporary design themes.

Fire-rated doors are usually bigger and heavier than standard doors. However, a heavy door is not enough to protect your family from the dangers brought about by fire and smoke. Get a certified fire door and make your home a safer place to live in.