Fall Season is Furnace Cleaning Season

Heater Repair Man testing indoor furnaceNothing is more uncomfortable than having to wear very thick clothes inside your home because your furnace is not working properly. Therefore, make it a habit to always inspect and clean your furnace before the fall season hits.

Furnace repair services in Utah are available in various areas. However, if you want to try to do it by yourself, here are some things you need to take note of.

Turn the system off

Before doing your inspection, make sure to have the main power turned off to avoid accidents and electrocution. Also, make sure to conduct your inspection in a dry and clean area.

Combustion Chamber

Open the combustion chamber and scrape out carbon build-ups. The combustion chamber is the place where fuel combines with air and ignited. This generates heat along with water vapor, carbon soot, carbon dioxide, and other compounds.

Too much build-up of soot can cause corrosion in chamber walls and therefore, so you should conduct regular cleaning. The use of wire brush and vacuum can effectively clean your combustion chamber.

Clean the blower

Remove the blower and clean it thoroughly with the use of a brush and a vacuum. Carefully do so, as to avoid putting it off balance.

Replace the filter

Changing the filter is perhaps the easiest thing to do. You cannot change filters frequently, but you should do so at least once a year as this is the kind of air your family breathes during the cold season when your furnace is running.

Clean the vents

Manually clean the vents around your house with a vacuum. Removing debris, dust, pet hair, and other foreign particles can make not only your furnace work well, but also help you breathe better.

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Do not underestimate the importance of having a clean and well-maintained furnace. Sometimes, this is all you need to be able to get through the cold weather comfortably.