Design Ideas to Make Your Small Backyard Look Spacious

Small Backyard DesignOne common excuse for not fixing the yard is that it's too small for any sort of design to fit. The truth is, because it's small, you will need to set it up properly to make it look larger and more spacious.

Here are a few suggested landscaping ideas to make your small yard look bigger than it is:

Go Vertical Instead of Horizontal – You may have a small yard area but there's unlimited airspace right above it. Set up trellises for vines to climb and plant tall shrubs and small trees at specific locations. Contact a company that can install raised garden beds and multi-layered garden planters to maximise your limited square footage. One will hardly notice the limited area below if their attention is pulled upward.

Create a Focal Point – Other than pulling one's attention upward, create a focal point to pull attention to a singular spot in your yard. This makes your backyard look neat and tidy, therefore adding to the illusion of space. Make it a restful nook for a relaxing feel. You may also want to have a backyard oven or barbecue pit with a small table and chairs for entertaining guests.

Replace the Lawn with Pathways – Don’t worry if you don't have enough space for a lawn. Replace the grass with a well-designed pathway right in the centre of your backyard attraction. To make this tip even more effective, direct the end of the path to your chosen focal point.

Use Colour and Perspective – Contrasting splashes of colour added to your greenery at certain strategic locations can give a spacious feel. Large-leafed bushes and plants can change your perspective of and give your yard a larger feel. Instead of a fence, line up small flowering plants as your border instead.

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There are other ways of improving your small yard to make it look roomy. If you think about it, having a cluttered backyard will not make it look any larger. So get to work and soon you'll have a wonderful addition to your property's value and aesthetics.