Decoding Online Reviews: Knowing the Real Deal

reviews on a laptopBefore buying a product, dining at a restaurant, or booking a place to stay at, people go online to check for ratings and reviews. Nowadays, people’s comments posted online can make or break a business. While online reviews are an excellent source of information, it can also be a source of misinformation.

Sites that review properties like Lancaster New City in Cavite and other real estate and rental properties in the area are numerous. But with the spread of fake news and information, how can you efficiently assess what you read on the internet? Here are simple but effective ways to decode online reviews.

Understanding online reviews:

1. Go for neutral

Seeing a perfect score is pleasing to the eye. But seeing a perfect 5 for all ratings and reviews can seem fishy. Seeing a meager 1 or 2 star will also discourage you to avail the property, product, or services. The best way is to go for neutral reviews and ratings. Nothing is perfect so a couple of 3 or 4 stars in a sea of 5 and perfect is more reliable and realistic than being all perfect. Chances are, troll accounts make perfect ratings.

2. Be objective

Read reviews and be an objective evaluator. Learn how to differentiate rants and criticisms. A rating of 2 with a review regarding how slow their room service is is more of a rant as compared to someone who left some insights on how their amenities are basic, but good and can be better.

3. Look for a pattern

Another way to know the real score of a property is to read between the lines and find a pattern. Repetitive compliments and sentiments from clients are things you should take note of.

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To top it off, check for responses from the company. A response acknowledging both the good and bad comments says a lot about what type of business you are dealing with. Be a wise evaluator and maximize the presence of review sites on your next property purchase.