Custom Pool Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Into a Work of Art

Backyard PoolInstalling a custom pool is a great way to transform your backyard into a jaw-dropping one. This is why custom pools have gained ground in different parts of the globe.

If you are currently planning to set up a custom swimming pool, here are a few design ideas from Dolphin Pools & Spas that you may want to consider. Read on.


Choosing the right color for your pool is vital as it gives life to the overall design of the swimming pool. For example, you may employ an in-pool lighting to change the pool water from a shade of blue into your desired colors. It is likewise ideal to choose an outdoor tile color that matches your home’s flooring. Now, if you are not sure which color choice to use, your custom pool builder may suggest which one to pick to boost the overall aesthetics of the pool.

Size And Shape

With custom swimming pools, homeowners are free to choose any shape or size, depending on their backyard space. Your pool is actually not limited to standard shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular or figure-8 – you can also go for unconventional shapes like a dolphin, mermaid, Mickey Mouse and more.

Water Features

The list of water features that you may want to add into your pool is actually long. If you are considering a tropical ambience, then you may add a rock waterfall. Fountain bubbler also makes an excellent water feature option for swimming pools. With this feature, the water shoots upwards out of the pool. In order to create a stunning visual effect during night-time, you may also wish to install LEDs.

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Interior Finishes

Another important addition to your pool is the interior finish. For example, you can dress up the interior of your swimming pool with glass tiles, murals of sea creature or of geometric patterns and more. You will surely get ideas on what you could add to your swimming pool from your pool builder.

Use the above custom design ideas if you wish to have a lavish, exceptional custom pool. Furthermore, in terms of pool construction in Salt Lake City, make sure to pick a reliable builder that can keep up with industry trends, such as automatic chemical distribution and light system along with environmentally friendly materials.