Clever Ways to Decorate Your Windows and Doors

Decorating Doors and Windows Your windows and doors can do more than add natural light and make indoor spaces seem larger. With the right ideas, you can turn these functional features into standout design details for your home. And you can do it without compromising their usefulness.

Here are some ways to achieve functional but appealing windows and doors:

Add modernity to sliding doors with panel glides.

Panel glides provide a contemporary appeal to your home, but also offer full functionality. The modern window treatment blocks sunlight and maintains privacy. When you choose plantation panel glides for glass doors, you add an architectural element to your space because it features timber battens. You can choose paint and stain finishes that complement your overall interior décor.

Introduce bold, colourful patterns with stained-glass treatments.

Stained-glass windows lend homes with brilliant colours, without overwhelming the space. You can choose from a number of designs, which should match the style you want. You can consider geometric or abstract patterns. You can also try antique images, or go with contemporary art.

Revitalise windows with modern curtains.

Curtains are usual treatments, but this doesn’t mean you can’t revitalise your windows with them. Consider a variety of fabrics that work well with your interior space. Do so without compromising your need for lighting and heat protection.

In addition to fabric choices, you can hang curtains differently to freshen up your space. Add height to a room by hanging the rod just above the window frame. You can use curtains for sliding doors in the same manner. You can also hang two types of fabrics to add visual interest. For example, mix linen with sheer fabric.

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You can enhance the overall look of your property through windows and doors. With a few clever choices, you can add style to these two features and maintain their usefulness.