Cedar Wood: The Ultimate Building Material for Outdoor Gazebos

Gazebo in a GardenPlanning to add a touch of visual appeal to your landscape? Then, you can never go wrong with an outdoor gazebo. Gazebos offer climbing plants in your backyard some structural support to create a natural shelter and add to the vertical appeal of your landscape.

The material you use for building your gazebo, however, will affect the longevity of your structure and maintenance practices. Among the building materials in the market, cedar is king. Find out why:

Pest Resistance

Bugs do not like cedar, and this makes cedar wood ideal for building gazebos. You need not worry about the strength of your structure or insects falling on your guest as they enjoy their time outdoors.

Environmentally Friendly

You don’t need to treat your gazebo with any chemical to prevent it from pest infestation. Thus, your structure is safe for everyone in the family, including people with allergic reactions, infants, and pets. This also means that your plants will not come into contact with any harmful chemicals.

Weather Resistance

Have you ever wondered why cedar is used in roofing? Well, it is because cedar is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Well cured cedar will offer you an extended service life without rotting or cracking.

Warp Resistance

Once you build your gazebo, you want it to maintain its strength, shape and architectural beauty for years. In such cases, cedar fits your design needs perfectly. A structure made of cedar is not prone to warping, even during the variations of winter and summer temperatures.

Outdoor gazebos are great in extending the living space in your home. If you need to design (or perhaps redesign) your landscape, consider using cedar gazebos to boost your backyard’s look with durable structures with beautiful shades.