Buying Wooden Cubby Houses? Consider These Factors First

Beautiful cubby houseWith the many cubby house designs available in the market, it is a difficult decision to determine which wooden cubby houses are right for you and your family. Cubby house specialist Cedar Shed, however, suggests you consider key factors when buying one. Here are three you should not ignore.


The purpose you intend your choice of cubby house to play will determine its size. Whether your kids fit in the cubby house comfortably, and if you need ample room to store extra toys are among the factors you should consider.

And while ready-made cubby houses are available in different sizes, you can opt for a customised one.

Also, on function, if your kids will spend most of their free time in their cubby house, it is advisable you consider polycarbonate roofing.

Such roofing offers UV protection and shields the inside from harsh external temperatures so will enjoy cooler summer months and protection during winter. You may also add features such as a slide or a cargo net to the cubby house on which your kids will play.


These small houses also need to look appealing. One, it will encourage your children to play in them. Secondly, since it will be part of your backyard, it should look good to increase the value of your outdoor space.

It is equally important to get a cubby house that you can paint and change its interior layout easily to enhance its aesthetics.


The most important thing you want for your children when they are playing outdoors is safety. There are open-faced wooden cubby houses that allow you to see your kids when playing. These cubby houses also have large play areas to minimise chances of accidents.

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However, ensure the access stairs of these houses incline at an angle of 30 degrees or fewer to prevent fatal falls.

Cubby houses are an important piece to add to your home. You not only get your kids a good place to play but also increase the value of your home. Now that you the factors to consider when choosing a cubby house, you may go shopping for one that will best meet your needs and those of your kids.