Bugs Like It Hot: Rising Temperatures and Summer’s Pests

Close-up Shot of a MosquitoSummer is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year where everyone wants to have fun under the sun — including pests.
Those extra times spent outdoors result in more poison ivy rashes, tick bites, and Lyme disease exposure. Of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without mosquitoes. The heat does more good than harm to these summer critters.

The warm season is the festival of all critters, especially with global warming in tow. As a result, more homes seek help from professionals. Organic lawn service, D&G Natures Way Lawn Care, notes the efficacy of perimeter pest control in ridding homes of annoying pests.

What exactly happens to these pests when the world warms too much?


The annoying biters come in different species across the country. While some only leave red bumps on the skin, others can trigger diseases such as malaria or dengue fever.

As the temperature rises, areas filled with mosquitoes are at risk of expanding. This results in the earlier emergence of the mosquito population, meaning more bites and diseases. In 2012, the West Nile Virus outbreak infected more than 5,600 people; the main culprit was none other than the Asian Tiger mosquito.

This species of mosquito thrives when the temperature reaches 50°F to 95°F, with humidity at more than 42%. They die in cold weather.

Red Fire Ants

These ants are one of the worst; one bite is enough to trigger a painful and burning sensation. These pests thrive in warm places; the colder the place, the slower the growth of the colonies. Colder winters can kill them, but warmer summers can increase their numbers.

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Since you’re going to be outdoors for most of the summer, you’ll also encounter other sources of irritation, like poison ivy. The toxic and unpleasant plant grows with rising carbon dioxide levels, producing more of toxic oils.
As summer nears, it’s important to take one step ahead of these critters. Prepare the house by hiring professionals to get rid of pests as early as possible. And be careful when heading outdoors.