Breathe Fresh Air: Get an AC Unit

Air conditioning mounted on a wall

Air conditioning units keep people cool in summer and can filter out unpleasant smells and particles from the atmosphere, making them ideal for people with respiratory problems like asthma. They also have other health benefits.

After the terrifying heatwave in Chicago in 1995 caused nearly 800 deaths due to heatstroke – mostly in residents of homes without air conditioning – people now know the value of air conditioning in saving lives, but getting an AC unit and making sure it is properly serviced can have other advantages too.

Air Conditioning May Reduce Asthma Attacks

Scientists have estimated that if just 10% of office spaces in the state of California removed their AC units and opted for natural ventilation, there would be an additional 10 to 30 asthma attacks occurring in workers so having AC could prevent those asthma attacks. Air conditioning units also work to reduce asthma in another way, by removing allergens in the air. 

Air Conditioning Could Reduce Indoor Ozone

Ozone forms a shield around the Earth as a protective buffer against UV rays. At ground level it can be activated by electrical discharges and light and is harmful to health, causing an aggravation of asthma symptoms, reduction in lung function, inflammation in the lungs, a weakened immune system as well as coughs, sore throats and headaches.

AC units may reduce concentrations of indoor ozone because the majority comes from outdoors and windows are shut when the AC unit is on. Any ozone is then destroyed by chemical reactions in the indoor air, and the limited circulation of outdoor air means ozone levels reduce to as little as 10% of the level outside.

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AC Servicing Prevents Illness

However, it’s not all good. AC units are breeding grounds for bacteria that can be circulated and cause illness. This can be prevented by ensuring the unit is serviced regularly and repaired if needed.

St Louis technicians can keep HVAC’s in good working order through air conditioning repair and maintenance, to bring filtered air that you know is clean. Just call for details.