Beware of Door: Craftsman Doors Are What Every House Needs

Craftsman DoorsThe housing market has seen a lot of developments, especially with daring new architects determined on creating designs to set different houses apart. Modern-styled homes are defying traditional architecture by having oddly shaped structures, sculptural elements and lots of space and windows.

Living in the old times

Modern architecture appeals mostly to young professionals who want to try living in something eye-catching and different. But what happened to old residential houses? Nothing beats a good old craftsman-styled bungalow with a triangular roof, front porch, neatly trimmed garden and white picket fence.

Craftsman-styled houses took their inspiration from the Arts and Crafts Movement of the 1880s. The house became a work of art that featured traditional designs. From these styles originated the craftsman door, which is simple but sturdy, and elegant yet timeless.

What if doors could talk, too?

Having a nice front door could mean the difference between attracting visitors to your humble abode and making people feel they aren’t welcome. People usually judge a structure’s aesthetic beauty upon first glance. The trick is in making sure your house feels welcoming right from the get-go.

If it’s about finding a quality look to your house, homeowners may opt to buy a craftsman-styled door. Its material of solid knotty alder does not make it only durable, but it is a classic design that would look good on any kind of house. Whether it’s a posh luxury home, or a cramped suburban dwelling, the timeless beauty of a craftsman door would be sure to suit any style.

If eyes are the window to the soul, then doors are portals to the lives of people inside a home. What every house needs is a nice door that would entice its residents would step into to make them experience what being “home” feels like.