About Us


It’s the last blast of winter and people are thinking about their gardens again, marking their calendars leading up to the last frost. But before they step out on their garden boots and look through the shed, they browse through seed calendars and gardening magazines first.

Welcome to Charlotte Women’s Pottery and Gardening, North Carolina’s most reliable source for gardening, home improvement, arts and crafts, and landscaping hacks to keep people on track. Cwpg.org is a community of gardeners, hobbyists, and artists who commit to sharing valuable insights and ideas to help homeowners and improve their homes and enrich their lives through all the seasons. Cwpg.org aims to be every Charlottean’s first choice for everything they need to know about gardening, landscaping and DIY home decorating.


North Carolina’s soil, weather and climate are wonderful for gardening and doing outdoor activities, such as landscaping, pottery, and other DIY home décor projects. One of the perks of living in the south is the pleasant weather, characterized by moderate temps, clear blue skies, mild winters, and sufficient rainfall. These are good reasons to go out, grow plants and trees, and watch them grow and change colors throughout the year.

Cwpg.org is a close-knit community of women in Charlotte who aspire to educate people about the lifestyle benefits of gardening and creating things with their bare hands, as well as to promote the spirit of environmentalism.

Cwpg.org is an initiative of a small group of women dedicated to keeping the community a cleaner, greener, and friendlier place for everyone. To them, gardening and DIY designing are no longer just hobbies. To them, they are essential aspects in their pursuit to leading healthier lives and promoting environmental stewardship, the necessary means to reverse the effects of the consumer culture.

Who We Are

Charlotte Women’s Pottery and Gardening is run by a group of women who are well-versed in their plants and skilled in various arts and crafts, landscaping, and home remodeling techniques.

The writing team is composed of seasoned hobbyists and experts in various fields in horticulture and design who are dedicated to sharing up-to-date and accurate horticulture and design solutions and inspiring people to reuse and repurpose things creatively.