A Growing Family Needs a Bigger Home

Big Luxury HouseWhen you first married, it was just the two of you in the new house. But now your family’s grown with kids. Yet your living space remains the same.

Furniture, space and storage needs of families change over time. As the family grows, so should the space. But some do not think they need a renovation just yet; apart from budget worries, parents think it’s not a priority.

On the contrary, renovating now spares you from unnecessary stress in the future.

Renovation is ideal not only for parents with young kids, but also for multigenerational homes and grandparents who wish to spend more time with the grandchildren. Regardless of the reason, remodelling your home goes a long way, giving your family the additional space they need.

Experts such as World of Renovation offer plenty of ideas, but where should you really start?

Additional Bedroom Spaces

Younger kids sharing a room means space filled with toys, clothes, books and—more toys. Sharing is normal, but as they grow up, the children will need personal space.

If their bedroom is very large, splitting it in half is your best option. Some renovators will recommend installing a wall to create two bedrooms. Attics also make the perfect rooms for growing kids who love privacy. For additional storage, build shelves and cabinets in the attic. Add some desks and chairs for study space in their room.

Long-term Thinking

When renovating the house, always think long term—especially with materials and design.

In terms of materials, choose those you can easily maintain over time. Solid timbre is ideal for easy sanding; darker fabrics for carpeting makes hiding dirt, wear and tear and stains easier. If you have younger kids, installing baby gates by the stairs is advisable, but make sure the staircase will retain its structure even after you remove it.

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A Bigger Kitchen Area

Tiny dining rooms and kitchens are difficult for big families. Give everyone enough space by knocking down some walls and designing an open kitchen and dining area. A bigger space means more room for bigger tables and chairs.

As the family continues to grow, so should your home. Apply these renovation ideas for a comfortable living space for your entire family.