5 Practical and Inexpensive Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home

A brand new homeAccording to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 1 in 20 Australian households become a victim of malicious property damage and home theft. You may not live in a nice subdivision or your house may not be fancy enough, but this doesn’t mean that your home won’t be a target.

Thankfully, there are now technologies and gadgets to ensure home security. Don’t have the budget? There are inexpensive ways to drive away these bad people.

Change your locks often

Stefan owner of Homedit.com recommends that upon moving into a new place, all locks must be changed. This is also highly recommended if you’ve been living in your place for the longest time, especially when you’ve given access keys to several people. Do this every six months to make sure.

Light up your home

Make it seem like your house is not empty whenever you go out at night. These burglars don’t want to be caught, so if they think that someone may be present, they wouldn’t probably risk it. Keep the lights turned on in several parts of the house without further attracting the bad guys.

Clear the front of your house

A random passerby should be able to see whether someone is trying to break into your house. If the front of your house is clear, they can see easily and report to the authorities. Also, make sure that you don’t make breaking-in easier by leaving anything that could aid them like tools and ladders.

Attend to all necessary repairs

Repairs must be made as soon as possible. Otherwise, they might further attract intruders. Doors and windows must all be sealed, locked, and secured. Even your shed should not be ignored. If you notice any damage, act fast and hire professionals. For example, if you see that your garage is a possible entryway, then start fixing the garage doors of your Brisbane home right away.

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Install a safe

Lock all your valuables in a safe. Make sure that it’s installed in a space that’s not easily seen by other people. Choose one that is simple and not too big. Aside from money and jewellery, keep all important documents in there too.

Technology, like cameras and advanced alarm systems, is helpful in preventing home-theft incidents. However, it’s not the only means to protect your home from thieves. There are other cheaper and more practical ways to deter all the bad men.