4 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Sprinkler System

sprinkler blasting waterMost homeowners expect their sprinkler system to function for years without anticipating any problems for even more than a decade. However, just like everything else, repairs can sometimes be necessary.

Although there are reliable sprinkler system repair services in Salt Lake City, it’s still important to know how to maintain your home irrigation system properly to prevent any further damage.

So without further ado, here are a few tips on how to manage your sprinkler system.

Conduct a Regular Maintenance Check

Check your sprinkler system at least three to four times each season. You should first check it at the start of the season and then the second check halfway through the season. However, it’s always best to check your sprinkler system every month.

Doing so will ensure that all the sensors are wires are correctly in tack.

Check the Sprinkler Heads

The sprinkler head is one of the system’s most visible part. So try to check if each of the system’s sprinkler has any trapped dirt or debris. Once you’ve made sure that all the sprinkler heads are free from any debris, you may want to check if they’re moving towards the correct direction.

Check the Water Pressure

Your sprinkler system won’t function properly with the right water pressure If it goes too high, then your sprinklers won’t be able to cover the entire area. So try to check if the sprinkler heads are rapidly rotating or misting. Meanwhile, low water pressure may mean that your system is under-performing.

It may also cause the sprinkler heads to rise improperly or even turn in the wrong direction.

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Consider flushing your sprinkler system

Always flush the system at the beginning of each season to prevent clogging. Debris may get stuck in the nozzles, which can affect the way it works. So, ensure to have checked every once in a while and replaced it if it gets clogged.

Properly maintaining your sprinkler system is important to ensure that it’ll last for years to come. You may want to speak with a professional to get more tips on how to take care of your sprinkler system. Doing so will help prevent any unexpected repairs in the years to come.