3 Things That Could Kill & Damage Your Lawn

lawn care serviceHaving a well-maintained lawn creates a great and lasting impression on anyone who sees it as well as increases the overall market value of your home. This is why many homeowners are deeply invested in keeping their lawn healthy and beautiful.

Unfortunately, many of the lawn care tips you believe could bring more harm than good to your lawn. In this guide, you’ll get to know what those common mistakes are to keep you away from those.

Adding Too Much Fertilizer

While fertilizers do nourish your lawn to grow healthy, too much of it would either cause dehydration or lead to abnormal growth. Due to this, you might end up mowing your lawn constantly, which could damage and shorten its lifespan. That’s why most lawn treatment companies advice you hire an expert or, if not, strictly follow the recommended amount to achieve the desired result.

Not Knowing Your Grass Fully

To understand what care your lawn requires, take the time to learn and identify the kind of grass you have. Failure to determine your grass may give you trouble when it comes to maintaining the lawn and re-growing the bald spots in it. Where you live will also matter to the overall growth of your lawn. Choose a grass that’s suitable for the environment as well as the climate so you could take proper care of it.

Overwatering Your Lawn

People commonly believe that watering their lawn excessively could keep it healthy and beautiful. The problem with that is too much water could drown your grass and create a soggy damp soil, which is the perfect breeding ground for fungus. This may result in lawn-related diseases that could totally damage not only the lawn, but also your garden.

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With regular care, your lawn will surely remain attractive and beautiful for years. Be sure to stay away from these common lawn care mistakes to get excellent results. One quick reminder to keep in mind, when in doubt never hesitate to ask the experts for assistance.