3 Reasons Garage Doors Fail to Open

Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake CityA garage door doesn’t only reinforce home security, it also enhances the curb appeal of your home. When homeowners buy new garage doors, they expect them to remain functional and in good condition for many years. However, some garage doors unexpectedly fail to open and this means total inconvenience for you.

Although calling an experienced technician to work on your defective garage door is an ideal thing to do, it’s also important to know why your Salt Lake City garage door may fail to open.

Defective, dead or poorly arranged batteries

When the transmitter batteries are faulty or poorly arranged, the garage door won’t open. It’s unfortunate that most homeowners easily forget that the transmitters require power to work. If the transmitters are not receiving adequate power, they will not effectively respond to commands no matter how many times the commands are given. The garage door may also fail to open if you plug the door opener into a working power outlet improperly.

Dirty, damaged or misaligned photo-eye

A garage door has photo eyes on either side. The distance of the garage door photo eyes from the ground is about two to six inches and the laser beam they shoot across the garage door length is invisible. The door opening signal will not transmit if the laser beam is blocked or interrupted. Water leaks and rainstorm can easily damage the cords that attach to the photo eyes and this means the garage door won’t open.

Malfunctioning remote control

A defective remote can be a good reason your garage door is not opening. A garage door remote may fail to function due to dead batteries, damaged antenna or if the remote is out of door range. Some of the problems, which the remotes that operate the garage door openers develop, are technical and hard for an unskilled individual to identify.

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The inconvenience that a malfunctioning garage door may cause can be highly regrettable. Most people are unaware that simple issues such as those mentioned above can cause garage doors to fail to open.