3 Plumbing Problems That Call for Professional Service

Professional plumbing staffAn American homeowner will have to call a plumber once every three years. Some do so once a year, while others have to deal with a damaging emergency that requires a costly repair.

Familiarizing yourself with common plumbing problems can help you determine when you need immediate professional rooter service or any other plumbing services in Salt Lake City. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC shares a list of things technicians consider the top three plumbing problems in American households today:

Running toilets

Toilets that run constantly are easy to fix. It is interesting how many households continue to function with toilets that constantly run. It is only when homeowners realize the consequence—an escalating water bill—that they act. A properly functioning flushing system helps conserve precious water.

Continuously flowing water may be due to problems with the fill tube, the flapper valve, or the float. An experienced plumber will take only a few minutes to fix the issue, so why delay calling for help? They can check for installation problems, correct them, and save you money on future repairs.

Water heater failure

A cold shower in the morning may be necessary for you on some days, but you do not want to deal with a water heater failure during winter. Yearly maintenance helps avoid problems concerning the water heater. If the appliance is functioning optimally, you can expect it to perform at 100 percent for a decade at the least. If there is a buildup of grime or problems with the tubes and connections, then there will be no hot water for a few days.


Leaky faucets are common in America and it is annoying for property owners. If you have tried DIY measures that keep failing, perhaps it is time to give up and let the experts fix the problem.

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Sometimes, a plumbing problem is less about a few loosened bolts and more about proper installation and maintenance. It is always best to seek professionals help.