2 New Siding Options For Damaged, Old Houses

House SidingsHouse sidings can last between 10 to 50 years when installed properly. With the right house siding product, the weather is less likely to affect the interiors, utility bills are lowered, and substantial aesthetic value could be provided.

However, even the best siding material may fail and suffer unforeseen damages from extreme weather conditions, causing the need for new sidings. While there are two common siding materials available in the Salt Lake City market, each one has factors like expenses, ease of maintenance, eco-friendliness to be examined.

Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl is a tough siding material that is available in a variety of textures and colors. The marks and scratches cannot be seen because the color passes throughout the material. Recently, it has varieties that can resemble the quality of lap sidings made of wood grain, wood shingles and stone; all of which are created through sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

The weight of a vinyl siding is light so it is easier to be mounted directly over the primary installed materials. This characteristic makes it a good backfit option to existing ones. Also, because it is lightweight, it is easy to handle, making vinyl installation quick; saving on labor costs in return.

Wood Sidings

Wood, because of its durability and workability, is the siding material choice for a quality renovation plan. Wood siding is available in a variety of types and grades, but the choice of wood will depend on how the new siding is planned to be finished.

A semi-transparent stain can highlight the grain as well as a clear sealer; however, woods without knots, blemishes, and other drawbacks of cracking, rotting, and splitting must be selected. On the other hand, opaque stains and paint can be used on less expensive grades of wood.

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A real estate agent may say that replacing the siding is a way to increase the property value and sell it quickly if a house needs to be taken off the market. While improved appearance is one common reason for siding replacement, it is actually just the beginning.